Digby learns the art of Skateboarding

Digby has a fear of skateboards. The sound sets him off and he doesn’t quite know what to do about it – so we thought we’d put into practise the old “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. Digby has become one of them.

It was a bit of a rocky start because Digby didn’t know what we wanted and this weird thing moved a lot, so we tied it to a piece of string and pulled it along. Then it became a chasing game. Eventually though he got the idea and put his front paws on the skateboard and pushed it with his back legs. Finally he jumped on – twice! This didn’t last long though because he was off as quick as he got on. We seem to be onto something here, though because he seemed to enjoy himself and picked it all up pretty quick. He did allow us to pull him a few feet while he sat on it and it didn’t seem to phase him at all.

Here he is enjoying his new sport:ImageImageImageImageImage


About digbyvanwinkle

Digby is a Griffon Bruxellois living in Wellington, New Zealand. I started this blog as a place where I could share any little anecdotes of owning such a charming little dog. Some will be amusing, others will be about the more serious side of pet ownership. He's very resillient, having bounced back well from a nasty dog bite that left him blind in his right eye. He hasn't let it hold him back too much, being able to run and play like any other dog but he does have his little obstacles to overcome as a result of the trauma.
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5 Responses to Digby learns the art of Skateboarding

  1. Paws To Talk says:

    Digby we love it! You look great on the skateboard!
    Bella and DiDi

  2. Nick Barnett says:

    Brilliant He’s the ideal skateboard size! Great to meet you and Digby today at the playgroup.

    • I have to come clean, it’s a mini skateboard đŸ˜‰

      And the same to you! Connor and Pheobe seemed like awesome little dogs. We will probably be semi-regulars, it’s a bit of a journey for us to get out there.

  3. I’m with you buddy, I hate skateboards – maybe it’s a size thing? But you look really cool on there so go, you good thing!

    Bristol the Wonder Dog

  4. onecoolgriff says:

    WOW! Awesome, dude! Digby, you are The Man!!

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